VLA Resources

Teaching social justice for change can sometimes feel like a lonely and demanding process. However, it is important to remember you are not alone in this journey.  Village Leadership Academy has been developing an authentic school-wide Elementary Social Justice and Global Awareness Curriculum (by combining resources from global, social justice, and social organizing topics).  Here are a few of our recommended resources that can hopefully spread justice and awareness into more classrooms:

Websites for Social Justice Educators

  1. National SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) Program
  2. Teaching Tolerance
  3. Understanding Prejudice
  4. Teachers for Social Justice
  5. Activities that Promote Cultural and Racial Awareness
  6. Partners Against Hate
  7. The Choice Program
  8. Media Transparency 
  9. Breaking the Silence
  10. Education for Liberation Network
  11. Using Their Words
  12. Literacy for Social Justice
  13. ZinnProject

Global Topics Websites

  1.  World Saavy (Understanding Global Perspectives)
  2. Facing History and Ourselves
  3. National Geographic Ed Net
  4. Asia Society
  5. Think Quest
  6. Africa Guide.com
  7. African Timeline
  8. Afriware
  9. United Nations Cyber School Bus 


  • Teaching What Really Happened (James Loewn) 
  • Lies My Teacher Told Me (James Loewn)
  • Teaching Toward Democracy (Ayers, et al.)
  • Zero Tolerance (Ayers, et al)
  • Rethinking our Classroom: Teaching for Equity and Justice (Rethinking Schools)
  • A Peoples History For the Classroom (Zinn)
  • Co-Motion Guide to Youth Led Social Change (Alliance for Justice)
  • Kid’s Guide to Social Action (Barbara Lewis)
  • Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice (Adams, et al)
  • Equity and Excellence in Education: A University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Education Journal

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