Students’ Migration Stories: The Power of Oral History

After learning about Chicago’s history and the Great Migration, students interviewed a family member to find out how their families arrived in Chicago. Many students’ families were a part of the Great Migration, moving North for new opportunities and a chance at equality. Students gained a deep appreciation for the sacrifices their families’ have made. Four students were selected to share their families’ stories at StoryCorp, where they were recorded for the Library of Congress.

The Power of Sharing Your Identity

As part of the All About Me unit, each of our middle school classes completed “I am” poem in our unit exploring power. Too often, when we learn about power and race or power and gender, it leads to us feeling disempowered. This project intended to help students move past those feelings, and toward celebrating the identities that the world too often tells us are unworthy.

Empower the Children

Our new Student Voices section of our blog just opened today with a first grader. I encourage you to take a look and check back regularly to see what the future leaders of this world have been learning and thinking.