2 thoughts on “Treasures Found in Unexpected Places

  1. Continued gratefulness and inspiration be to you, Jessica. What a beautiful and heartwarming experience you’ve shared as a result of your trip to the Dominican Republic and investing some time with our fellow brothers and sisters there. The hardship and great poverty of others truly does
    have a way of penetrating our heart, touching our soul, and opening our mind–the meaning of education.

    Your students there at Village Leadership Academy are sure to benefit from the gains of your trip.
    My hope is they will not learn to feel guilty about their success, rather how their success can help so many others. Or how America’s capitalistic basis may cause other society’s to falter, rather how the character virtues of success and prosperity can “raise all boats” around the world, or how your students can be the pebbles-of-example that are thrown into the largest ocean felt on the farthest shore. After all, your students are the future…future plumbers, astronauts, nurses, lawyers, bridge builders, scientists, mechanics, doctors, and who knows perhaps the next President of the United States. And YOU, Jessica–as teacher–make all other professions possible.

    I, too, had an experience sort-of like yours recently. A very wealthy friend of mine asked me to come and translate to a Mexican lady who was a housekeeper for her for some 30 years–and
    was retiring. Mrs. Farnsworth wanted me to say to Mrs. Garza that she did more for her and her family than she (Mrs. Farnsworth) could ever do for her (Mrs. Garza). “Mrs. Garza raised her
    children, taught them Spanish, taught them how to play, how to obey and respect, and most of
    all how to love and accept love. Her sons are happy today because of her and ‘doing well’ because they are ‘”doing good.'” Mrs. Farnsworth gave Mrs. Garza a very, very generous check for her years of devoted service.

    It’s true: The poor do more for the rich–than the rich do for the poor. Enjoy your profession.

    Rick Martinez

  2. Hi Jessica, for me your post just reminds me that the best things life offers are FREE! No amount of money, things, stuff, and materials can replace the feeling we get we enjoy true authentic human relations. Very nicely written! David

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