VLA World Scholars Engage with Dominican Republic Race Relations Expert, Dr. Nataka Moore

By: Lauren Eagle (Intern) & Amanda Hofbauer (Intern)

Dr. Nataka Moore, Adler School of Professional Psychology

Dr. Nataka Moore, Adler School of Professional Psychology

Recently, the World Scholars Program was honored to welcome Dr. Nataka Moore as a guest speaker. Dr. Moore is an Associate Professor in the Doctor of Clinical Psychology Program at Adler School of Professional Psychology. She specializes in community and international psychology and also teaches international immersion and human rights courses at Adler. Dr. Moore is a scholar on the history and current human rights issues in the Dominican Republic (D.R.). She has traveled to the D.R. several times, and is currently partnering with Heartland Alliance International to have Adler students work on human rights issues in Santo Domingo. Working student

In the WSP class, Dr. Moore spoke primarily of the history of intense racism embedded in Dominican culture and how that is translated into modern politics and social issues. In this, Dr. Moore gave the students an interesting perspective that was met with concentrated fascination and inquiry by the students. The students were very responsive to Dr. Moore’s talk and utilized powerful critical thinking in their processing of the information she presented. Without a doubt, the inquisitive and advanced nature of the students will continue as more guest speakers are invited to the World Scholars Program at Village Leadership Academy. VLA was honored to welcome Dr. Moore and is thankful that the WSP students were able to engage with such a knowledgeable, social-justice minded scholar.

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