One thought on “We Can’t Wait to Show You How We Make the World a Healthier Place

  1. Fantastic project, Ms. Donoghue. Congratulations to you and your 2nd grade class on a great idea–and one which will serve your students well in their future in more ways than one. You exposed your students to the all-important dialogue and discussion of healthy foods, and perhaps inadvertently to their own staple diets in their home, how anatomy and physiology is involved, and even the significance of surveys as an instrument of science–in this case social science.

    It’s gorgeous to sense everyone all excited…about school and learning–and YOU…their teacher. That must make you feel good…and proud. While many teachers are bemoaning the profession and blaming the system, here you are finding personal and professional fulfillment. Why, and what’s the difference?

    Are you so different, so much better than the rest? Are you, Ms. Donoghue, so much better educated, or did you take special classes in college that you are educated or trained differently than others? Or are your students the pick of the litter, the brightest, the best of the best–and all you have to do is show up and they just run with the ball you give them? Not a chance. None of this is true. The answer is, has been and will always be persons like YOU… your professionalism, you believe in what you teach, you believe in the kids, you love and you care. Period!

    And the kids respond. No, the kids are not all angels, nor do all kids engage in the same way or to the same degree. Some need differentiated teaching and learning and handling…and care. But by checking out your photo and seeing your smile, I’d bet you’ve learned by now kids–2nd grade students–who need the most love will ask for it “in the most unloving of ways.” And you’re just the person to give it to them: Happy people make people happy!

    Continued Blessings and Success B2U!

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