One thought on “Haven’t Felt This Way Since 2007: A Teacher’s Reflection

  1. My compliments and congratulations to you, Catalina, and to your students–and of course to VLA–for what sounds to be another magnificent community project well done. What I love is YOUR exuberance…for your personal and professional contributions. How can you not love being a teacher? How can students not love you as teacher? And, ultimately, how can your mission of the love of learning not be maximized and fulfilled
    when there’s so much love and IDEAL in the air there?

    And then you guys–teachers–write about it…I love it! There’s nothing like one’s profession “fitly spoken” so the whole world can share in it. Not to bring this UP down, so many of our professional colleagues are wallowing in unfulfilled lives…and then blaming it on “the system.” I’m thinking all unfulfilled persons should
    go to VLA for what I see as these common professional fulfillment traits:

    1) Believe in yourself and focus on the betterment of others;

    2) Keep innocence alive and enjoy your contributions;

    3) There’s no need to put anyone down for you to be and go UP;

    4) SEE happiness as an essential motivator for oneself and others;
    5) Have FAITH In GOD, that if we do all you can, HE will do all you CAN’T.

    All this is what I gathered from your article when you said you hadn’t lived in Chicago for very long, were new
    to the school, and a project that would be new to you. I’m very high on and proud of you, Catalina. You and your staff there at VLA are showing a watching world what it is to be professionals in teaching–and to enjoy your profession. Continued Blessings, success and fulfillment–Rick Martinez

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