One thought on “VLA Students Discuss Wages in the Dominican Republic

  1. I continue to be very impressed with the staff of Village Leadership Academy. You, Eric, and Mr. Osei, seemed to have done a wonderful thing with your students and your clothing project. Congratulations!

    What I enjoy most when I read about what and how you teach is that the seed you are planting is CARE and LOVE…not that anyone is a villain or evil…or that even “profit is bad.” Your students–our children–will soon enough learn that for themselves. As adults, “we” must remember we are born with only two fears: The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises…all others fears are taught to us…by others hopefully not teachers.

    Also, because you made passing mention of America, I was pleased to see you demonstrate good citizenship to your students. Students need to see good examples and hear what it means to be proud to be American and to live in a country like America…as a follow-up to the reasons you cited in your article about
    .85 cents minimum wage in the Dominican Republic, for example. Of course, there’s more. Only one in 22
    persons in the world are privileged to live here, for example. What does that mean?

    One last thing, Eric. When is the last time you’ve contemplated what a great honor it is for YOU to be a teacher of your students in the greatest nation in the world? Have you told them that perhaps they will become scientists, economists, truck drivers, plumbers, home builders, doctors, lawyers, nurses, or perhaps the next president of the United States? Do YOU believe that?

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