One thought on “Second Grade Students Adapting and Leading!

  1. How wonderful. How beautiful. What a real teacher you are, Hilens. I am very proud of you not only as educator, but as person. You’re teaching your students not only to be smart, but to be good; not how to see injustices, rather how to give–irrespective of all else. You’ve demonstrated to your students the distinction, as the bible says, of “teaching others HOW to fish, rather than merely GIVING a fish.”

    I love my elementary school teachers—especially because they taught me to be happy. Period. While it shouldn’t matter, I’m Mexican and I grew up rather lower class and went to school in a predominately Mexican and Black school system. Yet, all my teachers were White, and they seemed to love teaching. They taught me to like myself, and to enjoy life and the world around me. They encouraged me to be part of it in whatever way I could—especially work. These teachers “touched my future” and the futures of many other students who gave themselves to them.

    And so today I can truly say teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible. And teachers really do touch the future and perhaps even affect eternity: We can’t tell where your influence stops—most often good, sometimes not-so-good. It all depends…

    In medicine we say: Education replaces an empty mind with an “open one.”

    Continued blessings and success.

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