Wait, There is More to Occupy?

By: Maria Wahlstrom (Instructional Coordinator)

Everyone is talking about Occupying Wall Street:
how the top 1% controls close to 40% of the wealth; how they dominate in decision making; and how all of this interferes with democracy (let alone human rights). When profit remains more valuable than people, it is no wonder the 99% get upset. Something is seriously wrong. So where do we start targeting to eliminate major inequality? Wall Street and their CEOs? Yes. But do the problems only reside on Wall Street? There is more to “occupy.”

Inequality not only begins with the corporate world, but in our schools as well. There is another (equally) serious problem that is rooted and perpetuated in our education systems–and I am glad  Village Leadership Academy (VLA) exists to help change this. Here are a couple articles on the issue (written by two people I have had the honor and pleasure to know and learn from). Ayers and Rotherham raise some important points and questions to consider.

1) Occupy Our Schools (By Rick Ayers)

2) Forget Wall Street: Go Occupy Your Local School District.  (By Andrew Rotherham)

2 thoughts on “Wait, There is More to Occupy?

  1. Too often, schools simply perpetuate a culture of profit over people. Materialism and consumerism is all over schools. And children are still overwhelmingly taught to be compliant little workers who just spit back the information teachers force down them.

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