Create Opportunities for Creativity

By: Wisdom Baty (Art Teacher)

3rd and 4th graders had a wonderful trip to the Contemporary Art Museum, where they explored the ways art, people and environment interact with one another. Afterwards, students created hands-on projects in response to the exhibition. They  were instructed to transform everyday objects into extraordinary new objects. As educators, we want our students to find unique ways to “create a better world.” Artistic expression is an important outlet that allows children  to become visionaries and creators. Even with limited resources, we should relentlessly find more opportunities for innovative learning (within and outside of our classroom walls). Opportunities for kids to create and think anew should not be limited to art or science, but these types of opportunities should (and can) also integrate in every other academic subject. Creativity is a powerful tool to uncover the genius of children, and it is fundamentally important we provide many diverse opportunities for them to realize and develop their genius. Check out some pics from the trip:

One thought on “Create Opportunities for Creativity

  1. Yes Ms. B you are amazing! Your art program has inspired so many kids! Your doing a great work giving them so much information about famous artists and their impact on the world as well as giving them time to practice and become the next famous ones out there. 🙂

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